Saturday, June 5, 2010

Being helpful and creative - what a great way to live one's life - always - and especially as we enter our next stage! Such good advice. How lucky we are to be able to have such an option!

Today I was back seat driving, s usual, and my husband said to me, of course he was taking a turn, didn't he have hia blinker on? I had to laugh as my kids would have told us it was a turn indicator, not a blinker! And it's called a remote, not a channel changer! And why haven't we taken the plastic sticker off the phone (cause we couldn't be bothered! duh!).

This year for Christmas my son's girlfriend gave me a mug with the word malarkey with its definition printed on the side. She had heard me say it over and over last summer and couldn't believe it was really a word. After much searching she found it on one site, the urban dictionary, and believe it or not they had a malarkey mug, so she got it for me. How fun and thoughtful is that? And where did I get that term - my father of course.

What words do you have that have or haven't passed down? Blinker doesn't seem to be one that my kids will pick up from me. I'm not sure marlarkey is either but that's okay, it may show up eventually, when they turn 60!

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